All Kittens Deserve a Professional Photo Shoot

Clara and Darren are kitten siblings, about 9-10 weeks old, that we’re getting ready for adoption. We trapped them from the Kitchen Colony.


My friend Mr. King is a professional photographer and offered his services. Thank you, Mr. King! Be sure to check out his site.


I can’t stop looking at these photos! The details are amazing. I will have more information about these kittens soon. They are in the middle of being vetted, tested FIV-/FeLV-, and after two weeks of foster care are pretty much socialized.


In the meantime, seriously, just look at those eyes, and the whiskers, and the fuzziness!!


Here is Darren. untitled-6494 untitled-6495 untitled-6502 untitled-6503

And his twin sister, Clara. untitled-6521 untitled-6514

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