Wally One Year Later

Wally showed up sick in the V Colony last summer. The first vet I took him to told me to euthanize him. The second vet tested him as FeLV+, and told me to give him a chance anyways.


I’m glad I found the second vet and listened to him. Wally ended up beating the odds and a month later his FeLV test results were reversed to negative.


My friends Carlin and Kathy adopted him, and recently sent me these photos. A year later and he’s very much alive and thriving. 12197369_10206369173400647_2038391508_o 12212066_868127303256882_1569841162_n 12204448_10206369182480874_214483782_o 12204845_868127609923518_693912790_n

Kathy gave me the cutest update about Wally: “He hugs me all the time. He loves helping me when I’m on a computer. He just starts falling over to the side so he can take a nap. Missy & Wally have fun together. They love messing with each other. Missy is no longer bored. He looks totally different than when we first got him.”


And in Carlin’s words: “Wally is very healthy (i.e. fat & sassy) – we actually had to start rationing food for the first time, because he just wanted to (still wants to) eat continuously all day long… but we caught it before he became an absolute blimp – thankfully since Kathy works from home, she can keep an eye on that. Also, he likes to do this thing where he conks out on Kathy’s lap, like he gets real sleepy-eyes and starts laying back further and further – but he has to keep one hand on the table – it’s too funny.”


I’d love to visit to see all of them in St Louis sometime.



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