THANK YOU, Anti-Cruelty Society! How They Helped With a Home Full of Neglected and Unwanted Animals

I’ve been writing about a hoarder house near me for over a year now. I tried to get all the cats inside vetted and ready for adoption, but the situation was impossible for me to handle on my own. There were at least sixteen intact cats living there at the time in filthy conditions. The occupants’ behavior towards me was erratic and alarming the entire time. However, one thing was consistent – they did not want to keep the animals. They were willing to relinquish almost all of them immediately.

hoarder kitchen hoarder living room

There was also a dog that would not stop barking the entire time I was there, and live birds in that cage above everything. birds in hoarder home

I’m happy to report that I just heard back from the Anti-Cruelty Society’s V.P. of Operations. He said that their Humane Investigation team was able to transfer nine cats so far out of that home. The team is supposed to be back once the weather gets better for the rest of the cats, because currently their investigators are overwhelmed with abuse and neglect cases.

Hopefully some of the cats will at least be available for adoption because a lot of these cats were socialized and friendly. Check out this friendly, and, ahem, fully intact, tabby male cat who rolled around in front of me begging for attention the last time I was there.

tabby male cat from hoarder house

This has been quite the learning experience for me about what kind of help there is out there for these animals. Believe me, my neighbors and I have called everyone that we can think of. Here is more information from Anti-Cruelty’s web site should you need to report animal abuse or neglect:

The Anti-Cruelty Society’s humane investigators respond to reports of cruelty and abuse within the city of Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area. They will also assist with cases throughout the State of Illinois and the Midwest. Some cases may be the result of lack of knowledge on the part of the animal owner. In these instances, the investigator will attempt to educate the owner on his or her legal responsibilities. In situations where more extreme abuse or neglect are involved, our investigators will make every attempt to rectify the situation. As a last resort, they are authorized by the state of Illinois to remove the animal from a dangerous situation.

When making a report, please be ready to provide the following information:

  • The nature of the complaint (i.e., dog tied outside without food or water.)
  • A description of the animal(s)
  • The exact address where the animal(s) can be found. If the address is on a numbered street, please specify if the street is designated as ‘street’ or ‘place.’ (i.e., 52nd Street or 52nd Place.)
  • What city or suburb the address is located in
  • A number that you can be reached at should the investigator be unable to find the animal(s) or has any questions

ALL REPORTS are kept CONFIDENTIAL and your information WILL NOT be given out. If you prefer, reports can be made anonymously. You DO NOT have to leave contact information to make a report.

To report cruelty or abuse or neglect of an animal, please call (312) 644-8338 ext. 304 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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Hope they are able to get all those cats out and into a good home.

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