My Terminally Ill Neighbor Needs Help Finding New Homes for Her Pets

Back in December I found out my neighbor is terminally ill and I wrote about it. The doctors sent her home and gave her one year to live. She has done lots of dog and cat rescue in the neighborhood.

She is looking to re-home her two dogs and four cats. Understandably, she is not taking her diagnosis well and is in a lot of pain. She agreed to let me take photos and post about her pets. I did the best I could with the photos.

If you are interested in adopting, fostering, helping with courtesy posts, networking, sharing, etc, please let me know and I will send you her information to contact and work with her directly on this. All of her pets are fully vetted.

She has two dogs: a shih tzu and a border collie mix (?). They are friends with each other and every human that walks into a room.  Kim's dogs

They are VERY well-trained.  Kim's dogs in their crates She has four cats. I  believe all of them came from outside in our neighborhood.

This light orange tabby male and black/white long-haired male are kept in a bedroom together. The orange male tabby cat is very friendly. Kim's orange tabby cat

The long-haired black and white male cat is semi-feral. Kim's black and white male cat This black and white female cat is FIV+ and had to have all of her teeth pulled. She meowed at me the entire time I was there, hid under this stool and let me pet her.

Kim's black and white female FIV+ cat This is a brown tabby very friendly female. I believe her name is Zena.  Kim's Zena cat

Again, if there is anything you can do to help find her pets new homes please let me know and I will send you her contact information. Thanks again.

Sonia says:

You should contact Abby at Felines and Canines,

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