More Avondale Kittens Now Admitted to a Shelter for Adoption

I’m happy to report that four of the orange creamsicle kittens were admitted to PAWS Chicago’s adoption program!


Phoenix, Rascal, Oscar and Bosco all graduated from Robin’s Fischer School of Feral Feline Socialization. Robin has been fostering kittens for us for awhile now and we are so grateful to her. This couldn’t be done without her.


Check out these boys! Yes, these are four separate kittens, we promise. They just still look a lot alike, but their separate personalities are really starting to shine. 13495203_10208627824507127_3074762465698323084_n 13516612_10208627824467126_1834939001005492453_n 13510954_10208627823587104_7781876082476367540_n 13522017_10208627823507102_2356305649653283543_n

Bert and Ernie still require more socialization. Joann now has them in her house and has been working with them daily. Please contact us if you’d like to meet them – the more people that interact with them, the better! They are handsome twin boys that are still nervous about their surroundings, but they play and purr once you get to know them.  Bert and Ernie-2 copy

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