Simon, the Sick Kitten Found Alone on the Street, is Now Almost Ready for Adoption!

Simon is ready for his second appointment at PAWS Chicago tomorrow. We are hoping he will be admitted into their adoption program.


Our friend Elissa, owner of Rockstar Pets, has fostered him for the past few weeks. He’s been playing and eating non-stop the entire time. IMG_7789 13528996_10207943448998578_3578980294163559976_n 13508946_10207943448838574_6288302571107967531_n

He needed vetting for URI, but appears to be completely healthy now. His vetting cost us $278.13 so far. If you’d like to make a donation towards his vet bill, you can do so at the donation button at the top of this page, or through PayPal at [email protected]


Simon is one of the many black kittens we currently have in foster care, although he came by himself. Joann rescued him when a woman from Avondale called saying she found Simon in her front yard. He was found alone and sick, and is way too friendly to stay outside. This woman and her family have a colony at their landscaping business that her husband refuses to let us TNR still for a variety of reasons. This is a pretty common obstacle when you are doing TNR. We’re hoping eventually they will change their mind. Joann talked to them extensively and passed on the information to another no-kill shelter. In the meantime, Simon has been safe with us. We are so happy to have been able to save him from the street!

you people are awesome! I have been trying to help a cat colony of 12 cats for 3 months. 3 miles from my house. it is right off a busy interstate and a bar room. neighbors don’t like them . 3 kittens have died in the past 3 months. no help here , no resources. very stressed and sickly.

my first 6 month experience of shitty swampy Florida

Vanessa says:

Thanks for the kind words, and for all that you do for the cats, Patrick! It’s hard to do animal rescue alone. Have you tried reaching out to Alley Cat Allies to see if they have a Feral Friends list in your area? They are a national organization that advocates on behalf of feral cats and may have resources near you. Here is the link:

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