The Cat and the Opossum

I went outside and almost screamed because I mistook the opossum for Bouncy Bear near their feral cat feeding station. OK, I know they don’t really look alike, but it was dark and they were close together by the food and they’re both grey and white. And he also hissed at me because I’m sure I scared him. I haven’t seen the opossum since before this whole Polar Vortex/Chiberia mess. the cat and the opossum For the record, they both could care less about each other.

Opossums are the safest of all wildlife to have around. They do not carry rabies or any other disease. I am a wildlife rehabber, specializing in opossums and also have some feral feeding stations. Often times they sleep together and eat together. Opossums will keep the area rid of poisonous snakes which makes it safer for the cats. They really are a good animal to have around and not dangerous to have around in any way. They have a hard time finding food in these times so it’s nice he was able to grab a snack before moving on….

Vanessa says:

Thanks for sharing, Beth, I’m happy to have the opossum here, he has been coming over sporadically since the fall. You are right – he seems to coexist just fine with the cats. Please feel free to share any other tips!

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