Pepe le Pew Is Now an Indoor Cat

The Rockstar Colony story has come full circle. At least for one of the cats.

I finished TNR for this cat colony two years ago.

Then last fall they lost their home to new construction and I had no idea where their feeder moved to. I thought they would have nowhere to go.

Instead, a neighbor named Christina stepped up and started feeding them.

The colony also has a new outdoor cat shelter and a heated water bowl.

Pepe le Pew, one of the original colony cats, even had his own doppelganger and came regularly. He knew a good thing when he saw it and adapted quickly.

I'll have what he's having.

I’ll have what he’s having.

Christina told me when she started feeding the colony that any of these outdoor cats could come inside with her if they showed they wanted to.

Pepe le Pew was always super friendly. He loves to pose. Just look at him!

And he always acted like this!

But the old feeder did not want him adopted out at the time. Then for some reason, he did not take Pepe le Pew with him when he left.

Well, it looks like Pepe wanted to finally come inside.

I saw him in Christina’s window today, looking outside at the snow and at Kojak, their pet dog. Kojak is also a friend to the cats and loves this weather. Silly Pepe probably thinks he still wants to go outside. Kojak looks like he’s laughing at that idea.

Kojak and Pepe

Christina still feeds the other Rockstar Colony cats, but they don’t come around as often. She found out that the old feeder actually just moved into an apartment across the street. I told her that I tried calling him but he never returned my calls. She said that was not surprising, because when they ask him about the cats, he just says they all left. But she’s seen the cats go in and out of his new basement. At this point I’m just glad the cats are all fixed, and that they have multiple places to choose from to find shelter.


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