Frontier Colony

2015 Trap Neuter Return Case Study

Since 2007 I TNR’d 183 cats from 20 colony sites within one square mile around me. Today there are only 51 cats from that total left outside. That is a 72% reduction rate in nine years. I am very happy with these numbers and track them carefully. I visit these colony sites and their feeders all the time… Read more »

Setting Out Traps In Secret Locations

Some new cats were visiting my yard and the weather was mild so I decided to set out traps overnight. I call this stealth trapping, because sometimes this way you end up getting cats you didn’t even know existed.   I set out traps in my secret, secure locations that I sleuthed out over the… Read more »

Tips on Cleaning the Outdoor Cat Shelters for Winter

This is the time of year where my garage gets taken over by outdoor cat houses. This year we’re making another colony cat house for the cats in my yard. We also bought heating pads for all three shelters. In addition, I’m cleaning out all the cat shelters and adding new straw for their bedding,… Read more »

Outdoor Cat Houses In My Community

Feral cats know how to find shelter from the cold, just like other wild animals outside. If you provide shelter, they will use it. The James’ Gang Colony cats in my yard have a Feral Villa and another insulated outdoor cat house filled with straw that we built for them. For my neighbor’s feral and… Read more »

TLC with TNR

Latte is one of those cats outside that could use a little help. We trapped him last week in the midst of a thunderstorm at the Frontier Colony location. He was neutered and vaccinated immediately, but he also had a visible wound on his back and conjunctivitis. Tree House’s clinic cleaned his wound and gave… Read more »

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

I met another cat-caring neighbor named Joe this week because he contacted Tree House Humane Society looking for TNR assistance. Tree House introduced us through their Feral Friends network. I was happy to meet Joe because he lives next door to the Frontier Colony, which I TNR’ed in 2009. Tree House admitted two of these… Read more »

More Friendly Than Feral

Back in January I got a call from Kari, the TNR Coordinator from Tree House Humane Society, because a woman called her about some friendly cats that she was seeing and occasionally feeding in my neighborhood. It turns out that this woman lives just a few doors down from a house where I TNR’ed about… Read more »