More Friendly Than Feral

Back in January I got a call from Kari, the TNR Coordinator from Tree House Humane Society, because a woman called her about some friendly cats that she was seeing and occasionally feeding in my neighborhood. It turns out that this woman lives just a few doors down from a house where I TNR’ed about nine cats in November of 2009. These cats were fed regularly and had shelter, but since their surgeries, were becoming even more friendly, as is sometimes the case.

Kari and I met in front of their feeder’s house, and it was pretty clear that Casita and Cheyenne were the friendly cats that the woman was talking about.

wassup for supper?

Can't you see that I'm friendly?

They come right up to you looking for food, and stay for pets. They were clean and well-fed, with thick coats, which meant they were mostly outside, since outdoor cats grow extra fur and bulk up for the winter cold. Kari scruffed them both and dropped them into carriers without a problem.

Since then they were in foster care, then in the isolation rooms of Tree House, and now they’re on the adoption floor of Tree House’s Uptown location, 1212 W. Carmen. Casita tested FIV+ but is showing the same signs of her loving personality indoors in Tree House’s FIV+ cat room. Check out her Petfinder adoption page.

You has good indoors home for me?

Cheyenne, the tortie cat, is now named Lira, and is acclimating nicely as well. I even have a friend who may be interested in adopting her since she reminds him of a cat he had growing up. The adoption process has always overwhelmed me because it’s a lot of responsibility and takes up a lot of time, but this could be fun.

Steve Maziarka says:

I live in Logan Square (60647) and we have a few feral cats in the area. My neighbor and I leave food and water out for whoever wants it mainly because my neighbor has an outdoor cat herself. The reason I am reaching out. To you is one of the other feral cats was on my deck this afternoon and I saw a fairly large wound on his back. I already called treehouse to rent a trap because he needs to be fixed anyway but since I know where he lives (under my neighbors porch) I am wondering if you have a trap we can quickly put him in to be helped out. I am willing to pay for the spay/neuter and for him to get checked out. Please contact me if you have an extra trap and a slot this week that marmalade can use. Yes we named him marmalade. My email is [email protected].

Vanessa says:

No, I do not have any traps. It’s great that you called Tree House for an appointment and to rent out traps. They will also cover the spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for free because you are in the targeted trapping project zip code. Thank you for caring for the cats! I would love to hear an update.

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