Setting Out Traps In Secret Locations

Some new cats were visiting my yard and the weather was mild so I decided to set out traps overnight. I call this stealth trapping, because sometimes this way you end up getting cats you didn’t even know existed.


I set out traps in my secret, secure locations that I sleuthed out over the years. There have been no cats left at the Marta Volta and Eleanor Rigby Colonies for quite some time, but I wanted to try just in case. Marta gave me a key long ago to her gate, so it’s easy.


Again I did not trap a single new cat there, and the original colony cats were adopted out long ago. This colony is officially retired – TNR works!


As for the Eleanor Rigby Colony, I always trap under the front porch. IMG_0645

I only got an ear tipped cat! This cat was not TNR’d here originally, and no one feeds there anymore, so he must have been cruising through for a snack. He looks clean and healthy. This colony is also officially retired because they were either adopted out or died. The house is abandoned and will most likely be torn down at some point. I’ll have to remove the cat shelter out so if there are any new cats ever there, they won’t get acclimated to this spot. IMG_0655

Then as I was driving around checking on the traps I only saw ear tipped cats, including this one. IMG_0663

And of course I set a trap in my yard because I’ve been seeing new cats. Again, I only trapped an ear tipped cat. This time it was Popcorn, who I TNR’d last year. I hope he wasn’t too stressed out, but it was great to see him. He only comes to feed in the middle of the night. IMG_0642

Jean Gladstone says:

Congratulations!! TNR does work as long as there are caring, committed humans to help.

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