Marta Volta Colony

2015 Trap Neuter Return Case Study

Since 2007 I TNR’d 183 cats from 20 colony sites within one square mile around me. Today there are only 51 cats from that total left outside. That is a 72% reduction rate in nine years. I am very happy with these numbers and track them carefully. I visit these colony sites and their feeders all the time… Read more »

Woodrow Whiskers and Berto Were Adopted!

Remember Woodrow Whiskers from the La Vida Lydia Colony? He showed up sick in December. After I fully vetted him he was admitted into Tree House. He was adopted last week. When I called to tell Lydia, his feeder, the good news, she already knew because she tried to visit him! Right now she is also… Read more »

Sunny Came in from the Cold and is Available for Adoption

Today I visited Berto’s feeder because she mentioned that another cat has been coming in their house the past three weeks, “ever since it got cold out.”   When I got there Elvira, his feeder, came out holding Sunny in her arms. Even though he is ear tipped, he is friendly and seems to want to be… Read more »

Berto is Available for Adoption

Berto is a friendly cat that ran right up to me while I was out for a run. He wanted pets and was still looking for food in this empty cat food can. A girl came out with her grandma and we talked about Berto for awhile. Her name is Elvira and she said her brother… Read more »

Stealth Trapping: Setting Out Traps 24/7

I’ve had traps set outside in hidden locations non-stop since Monday night. I call this “stealth trapping.”   This is when you set out traps 24-hours a day and see if you get any “surprises.” My TNR friend Bruno calls this “fishing for cats.”   With stealth trapping you leave the traps unattended, but they are… Read more »