Sunny Came in from the Cold and is Available for Adoption

Today I visited Berto’s feeder because she mentioned that another cat has been coming in their house the past three weeks, “ever since it got cold out.”


When I got there Elvira, his feeder, came out holding Sunny in her arms. Even though he is ear tipped, he is friendly and seems to want to be indoors now.


We went back inside with him and this silly boy jumped on the ledge purring, wanting to be pet, and making “happy paws” right on the wood surface. IMG_0049

This home is filled with dogs and people and other cats, so there’s a lot going on, and Sunny takes everything in stride. He’s not a fan of the dogs, but he does well with other cats. And he warmed up to me right away. IMG_0042


Elvira and I talked about adopting him out, and she is willing care for him in the meantime. I’ll also be helping her vet her indoor pet cat, and TNR’ing any intact cats that her family feeds outside. This family loves animals and just needs a little help with coordinating with a vet clinic.


Please contact me if you’re interested in adopting Sunny at [email protected]

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