Berto is Available for Adoption

Berto is a friendly cat that ran right up to me while I was out for a run. He wanted pets and was still looking for food in this empty cat food can.

IMG_9445 A girl came out with her grandma and we talked about Berto for awhile. Her name is Elvira and she said her brother was feeding him for the past week. They have other indoor pet cats and dogs, and also feed outside, including this black cat they named Oompa. We talked about spay/neuter services for any of her pets that were not fixed yet. IMG_5920

Oompa is actually ear tipped, but I’m not sure if I TNR’d him. If I did, it was at another location.


They put Berto in a carrier and left him in their yard for me to pick up as soon as I could. Oompa was really into this new situation – he kept running up to see what was up with Berto.  IMG_9450

I ran home to get my car and picked up Berto right away. I took him to Tree House’s clinic the next day. Because he was so friendly, I called Erica from the Tree House Community Cats team to see if they had any fosters for him. Erica actually had cage space available in their Petco adoption program so he was vetted and taken there as soon as he recovered. Check out his adoption profile! Please contact Tree House if you’re interested in adopting him.


I called Elvira today to follow up and see if she ever got her pet cat fixed. It sounds like she may need help with transport, so I offered to drive her. She also mentioned they took in another cat from outside recently because he was cold. I’m going to go over there tomorrow to check out the situation.

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