Adopters and Fosterers Needed for Animal Hoarder Home

This week I was alerted to a hoarder home less than five blocks away from me. I counted up to 16 cats (the owners claim there are up to 19 cats), 2 birds and a chihuahua. The entire house looks like the photos below. This is not just a hoarder home – there seems to… Read more »

Update on Vito

Remember we were all worried about Vito the other day? It turns out he has made a full recovery because the mass on his jaw was actually an infection. Antibiotics took care of it. Catnip makes him smile. Vito is a former feral colony cat that was trapped-neutered-returned TNR’ed to the V Colony. Then he… Read more »

Careful! It’s a Tru-Catch Trap!

I have amazing, generous, wildly creative friends. Last month one of my bands, noise&light, played a Halloween show at Klas restuarant. My friend from my other band, The Columbines, is the mastermind behind this annual event. This year she organized performances from a dozen bands, delicious Czech food courtesy of Klas, a raffle for some… Read more »

Get Well, Vito!

Vito is a former outdoor colony cat from the V Colony. When my friend from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition was trapping there in 2011, she noticed how friendly Vito was right away. She TNReturn’ed him at first, but then he kept jumping into her car when she would come back to try and trap… Read more »

Happy TNR Anniversary, Dash!

I found Dash, one of our colony cats, sunning himself in my yard this morning despite the cold. I call this little sitting area the Catio. He definitely has beefed up and grown a winter coat in preparation for the weather. This is the closest Dash has ever allowed me near him. He is tolerant… Read more »

Giving Thanks for a Second Helping

Recently I discovered a local pet food store, Kriser’s, that has ALL of the brands of cat food my three senior indoor cats love. My cats all eat at the same time, but they each have their own special needs. Kriser’s has agreed to donate cat food when available to help keep the outdoor TNR’ed… Read more »

Networking for Feral Cats

I was talking to a co-worker who mentioned a friend of hers has “tons” of cats outside on her block. We started talking about TNR, and it turns out her friend lives in one of the zip codes that Tree House Humane Society is helping with their targeted TNR grant. This friend does not feed… Read more »

TLC with TNR

Latte is one of those cats outside that could use a little help. We trapped him last week in the midst of a thunderstorm at the Frontier Colony location. He was neutered and vaccinated immediately, but he also had a visible wound on his back and conjunctivitis. Tree House’s clinic cleaned his wound and gave… Read more »

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

I met another cat-caring neighbor named Joe this week because he contacted Tree House Humane Society looking for TNR assistance. Tree House introduced us through their Feral Friends network. I was happy to meet Joe because he lives next door to the Frontier Colony, which I TNR’ed in 2009. Tree House admitted two of these… Read more »

Update on the Peacock Colony

Remember Paski, PavPav and Aga, the senior femme felines from the Peacock Colony? They were being fed outside, but the feeder really could not continue trying to care for them. They hung out on the porch railing like monorail cats, and hid under the garage for shelter. It turned out that three ladies were already… Read more »