Cats Moved from Outdoor Drain Pipes, Two Foster Homes, Multiple Vets, PAWS Adoption Center, to Indoor Homes

Pacifica and Montara spent about three weeks on PAWS’ adoption floor and are now adopted as of April 2nd. Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.09.58 PM

We’re not sure if they were adopted together, but we are ecstatic they are now safe indoors.

We trapped them in January from outdoor drain pipes at the Pallet Colony. IMG_4640

Joann refused to put them back outside, and worked hard socializing these cats. Robin also rose to the challenge and fostered them for awhile. It is not easy socializing six month old cats, but these women showed it can be done. I am honored to be working with women like these in rescue.


Joann and I are going back to the Pallet Colony site to trap any remaining cats next week. One of the residents there said there may be a twelve week old kitten. Otherwise, to date, we’ve trapped 20 cats there so far, nine of which were admitted into PAWS.

Brenda says:

I’m trying to socialize a cat I think is 6-12 months. She seems pretty keen on indoor life but is still terrified at the thought of sharing space with me. I fear it may be too late for her.

Vanessa says:

Yes, sometimes socialization is not possible and doesn’t work out. Or it can take years.

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