Twin Kittens from the Pallet Colony Adopted Together!

Getting bonded cats from the same colony and kittens from the same litter adopted into indoor homes TOGETHER is always a dream for animal rescuers.


Joann and I were so excited to hear that these orange twin siblings, Hunky Dory and Stardust, went together into their new forever home, courtesy of PAWS Chicago. Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.00.59 PM


They were trapped together in mid-January. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

PAWS immediately admitted them into their no-kill shelter, but they needed some foster and medical care for their URI’s. 12604825_1656019254649601_9223141072311691109_o On February 27th they hit PAWS’ adoption floor, and were adopted together the very next day.


Congratulations, Hunky Dory and Stardust!

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