Dumped Colony Cat?

So this cat showed up in my yard a couple of weeks ago.  IMG_0300

Jim put traps out immediately but the cat never came back. Ever since then, I’ve been watching a house leave a lot of garbage in our alley, like they’re moving. And I started seeing a lot of cat supplies with the garbage. I was wondering if maybe they then put the cat out as they were moving.


Then a few nights ago, I saw this makeshift outdoor cat shelter in their garbage. IMG_0686

I also saw a cat that looked like the one above, but he ran from me. Not really sure what to make of this, but if this cat is dumped, he’s on a good block. This is directly across from the La Vida Lydia Colony, and he obviously already found my colony. But he hasn’t come back, and I’ve been trapping here all month. One day I hope I can solve this mystery, and of course, trap this cat.


Robin says:

Poor kitty. It is sad that people just leave their pets behind like that. I’m glad that he was fortunate enough to show up on your street where he can be cared for at least. Thank you for caring for the strays/ferals!

Vanessa says:

Thank you, Robin! Another neighbor told me she saw him as well. We are watching out for him.

Tom Davies says:

It’s very sweet of you to create that outdoor shelter for him

It’s crazy how people can just leave cats just like that!

Thank you for looking after him

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