Englewood Outdoor Cats: Now Available for Adoption

Alicia is caring for a lot of outdoor cats in Englewood. Her home is now their home. The majority of the cats are friendly. This is not a colony, this is a place where people who cannot care for their cats, bring the cats and leave them there, or the cats are lucky enough to find her on their own.


She feeds and cares for them daily. She provides outdoor shelter for them, and also has a few fosters indoors. IMG_0498 IMG_0506 IMG_0526

I met Alicia a few weeks ago while volunteering with PAWS Chicago PAWS for Life Outreach Program. They have been helping her do TNR and have been able to admit some of her cats into their adoption program. Here are a few of the cats being returned to her that day, riding along in the PAWS van with us. IMG_0487 When we returned the cats outside, you could see how friendly some of them were immediately. IMG_0508

I knew who Alicia was before I met her because one of the cats from my own Humboldt Park neighborhood ended up on her Englewood block last year. Long story short, this cat was originally adopted out from Tree House, but I trapped him in my yard a few years ago because the owner always let him out. The microchip was then referenced to me. Somehow this cat ended up on Alicia’s block years later. She brought him into PAWS for treatment last December, and they traced his chip. Unfortunately the cat was euthanized because he was so sick. To this day we have no idea how this cat ended up from my neighborhood to hers.


Alicia wants the friendly cats on her block to have indoor homes. The majority are just too friendly to stay safe on the street. Every time we visit, several of the cats come up to us for pets. IMG_0904 IMG_0879 IMG_0899 I contacted my friends at Hyde Park Cats to see if they could help. This rescue group is amazing. They responded immediately, and visited Alicia last week. That same day, they took two cats into their foster-to-adoption program. In fact, the grey tabby cat in that last photo is one of the cats that is now in one of their foster’s homes. His name is Sweet. Check him out now indoors. 1669719_1068347679845262_76186469137248866_o

They also admitted this little black cat into their program. She loved being outdoors with her friends. IMG_0874

But she really loves being indoors. 10339729_1067826616564035_5977893035130401446_n

Please contact Hyde Park Cats if you are interested in adopting one of these cats, or donating to their cause. Alicia also needs additional fosters for her other friendly cats. Here are a few more.  IMG_0878

IMG_0910 IMG_0915
sarah e lauzen says:

so wonderful! id love to come see some of them….

Vanessa says:

Hi Sarah, you can volunteer with PAWS Chicago PAWS for Life program here to see the cats in person. https://www.facebook.com/PAWSforlifeoutreach/

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