Rescue with Your Neighbors

Yesterday was a great day for rescue here.


Joann and I trapped four cats at the new Chester Colony within an hour. They’re awaiting surgery at the clinic tomorrow. We’re going back to the site tonight hoping to get a few more, but these were the only cats we saw there yesterday. Their feeder, Chester, is not quite sure how many cats there are. He just feeds whatever cats come to his yard from his window. He didn’t even want us to trap at first, but then he was on board. We ended up not trapping in his yard, anyways, all four cats were trapped in the alley.


Can you tell they’re related or what?

In the meantime, Heather and Tanya were busy convincing Danny from the Creole Colony to let them get the kittens and their mama calico cat. This feline family is what brought us to Danny in the first place. The original six kittens were born in Tanya’s window sill, but then the mama became spooked when a kitten fell out and died. The mama kept moving her kittens around the block. We met Danny and his colony when we went around the neighborhood looking for the kittens.


Danny found the kittens under a neighbor’s porch, and bonded with them without really telling us. We were worried he was going to eventually take them into his home. Danny finally relented and let Tanya and Heather take the five kittens, mostly because we explained that he will at least be able to get the mama calico back. They set a trap for the mama, and they trapped her within a half hour. The entire family is now crated safely in Tanya’s house. They will be fostered and adopted out. The mama calico will be TNReturned. IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983

These colonies take patience and perseverance, especially when you are met with opposition from the feeders. Hopefully we will be able to continue moving forward and get all of the cats spayed/neutered.

Jean Gladstone says:

Is Danny back on board? If the previous kittens died at Treehouse, could you tell him you promise to take the others to PAWS? (No insult meant to Treehouse.) Maybe he’d be more willing if it is a different facility.

Vanessa says:

Right now everything is a negotiation with Danny, but he is currently on board again. Your suggestion makes sense and I may try it. Thanks, Jean!

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