Feral Flowers Delivery for Tonight’s TNR Fundraiser

The blooms for tonight’s Feral Flowers Design Class and TNR Talk are harvested and ready for delivery. I am so excited to meet everyone tonight at this sold out class at Forget Me Knodt, and celebrate National Feral Cat Day.


Despite the rain, Bouncy Bear kept coming out to see what was going on and what I was doing. Either that or she was just hungry again. IMG_8433

Mooha was having none of it. IMG_8450

Here’s the garden before I started harvesting the flowers. IMG_8447

Everyone will make bouquets using amaranth, catmint, cosmos, goldenrod, zinnias, and other flowers from Janessa’s flower shop. IMG_8457

I really thought this would be the final flower harvest, but there are still a lot of blooms left. This season is very bittersweet for me – I wish the garden could go on. IMG_8458

The catty wagon is filled with flowers again. Thanks to all of you for your support, tonight should be a lot of fun! IMG_8463

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