Thanks to Forget Me Knodt for Making the Feral Flowers Fundraiser a Success

Thanks to all who came out for last night’s Feral Flowers Design Class at Forget Me Knodt. The Feral Flowers Project this year has been very successful. Between this class and selling the garden flowers all season at the shop, we’ve raised over $1000 so far for the medical care of our colony cats. And there are still more flowers available for sale.


These funds help care for the cats in my yard, and several TNR’d colonies throughout my neighborhood. I am so thankful to the amazing group of women that came last night in support of TNR. I was thrilled to spend time with some old friends, meet some new ones, and finally connect with people I’ve known online, but never met before in person.


I cannot thank Janessa enough for her friendship, generosity, and creativity for this project. It has been FUN.


She set our work table with flowers, candles and the porcelain sculpture of an ear tipped cat made by my friend, artist Julia Barlow IMG_8487 Food was provided by Forget Me Knodt’s next door neighbors, Baker and Nosh.

IMG_8472 Just look at that sign! IMG_4644

We arranged a bundle of feral garden flowers at each work station. They included amaranth, catmint, cosmos, goldenrod (solidago), and a variety of zinnias. IMG_8476

I talked about TNR, and then Janessa taught everyone how to design a feral flowers bouquet. IMG_4622

We paid close attention to Janessa’s floral ninja skills. This woman is the MASTER.

My favorite part was as we removed the extra leaves and stems, Janessa told us to just throw them on the floor. We swept it up later. IMG_4638

Check out our completed bouquets. We are now floral masters. What a pretty scene. IMG_8480

No, seriously, check them out. IMG_8486

What a great way to celebrate Alley Cat AlliesNational Feral Cat Day, and raise awareness for the feral cats! IMG_8483






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