Help Needed for Cats Thrown Out of Home

An animal rescuer posted on this week about 6-9 cats that were thrown out of a home. Their owner was a hoarder that was evicted, and the landlord put the cats that he left outside.

Please let them know if you can help trap any cats.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the posting to see if they still needed help. Today I randomly turned down a side street looking for parking for an appointment. And I saw a trap in a yard covered in a white sheet. IMG01653-20130124-1533

A woman was sitting in her car keeping an eye on the trap. We introduced ourselves and talked about TNR, and it turns out this was the place that the Everyblock posting was about. What a strange coincidence. Well, in animal rescue, especially, things always seem to happen when you think about them a lot. I wish it would work that way for the lottery.

The woman told me that so far two cats have been trapped and there may even be cats left inside the empty house. Neither scenario is very good for these cats.

Diann says:

I can help trap. Is this in Logan Square? – Diann

Vanessa says:

That’s wonderful! Yes, this is in Logan Square. If you can’t respond directly to the Everyblock link above in this post, please email the person coordinating this rescue effort at [email protected] Thank you!

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