Volunteering to Help Community Cats Pays Off

I was very excited last fall to learn that the company I work for offers annual Volunteer Impact Grants for employees. Employees volunteer a certain amount of hours with a participating non-profit organization, fill out the application explaining the impact of your volunteer work on the community, and submit it for review. In this case, Tree House was eligible to participate, so I followed all of the necessary steps. And I was awarded the grant! Just a few days ago my employer sent me the check to give to Tree House. I’m pretty happy that my TNR work helps community cats, their caretakers, the community overall, and now also raised some money for one of the organizations that make this possible.

Maybe I can sign the check over to Al, Tree House’s resident colony cat outside at their adoption center. He looks a lot like Banker Cat to me.

Hello. Did you make an appointment to see me?

Hello. Did you make an appointment to see me?

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