How To Make a Low-Cost Outdoor Cat Litter Box

My cat Mooha loves to check out everything I make for the outdoor cats, as I’ve blogged earlier this week when I was making some cat houses.

I also made a quick and easy, low-cost outdoor cat litter box for the V Colony. The caretakers of that colony have about 15 TNR’d cats that that hang out in a cement backyard, with nowhere for them to go to the bathroom.

This outdoor litter box is made from a Rubbermaid bin that I also found discarded in an alley. We cut out two large holes for the easy entry and exit, and filled it with regular play sand that you would use for a sandbox.

Mooha approves.

Mooha approves.

The lid obviously keeps the rain out, and you just open it up daily to clean it out with a regular litter box scooper.

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