Thanks to Willow for the Cat House Donations, Buttons and Magnets!

Willow N. contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if anyone I knew needed outdoor cat houses.


Willow is amazing. She is part of the CACC Cat Transfer Team, and fosters for CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation.


Joann and I went to her house together to pick up the outdoor cat shelters. We got a tour inside and outside of her apartment.


She was fostering a bunch of calico kittens and cats for CARF.  IMG_3329 IMG_3330

She also had a cat solarium for her window. IMG_3324 Isn’t that cool? It attaches to your window so that the cats can sit in it outside.


She even showed us the outdoor cat litter box she made for her feral cat colony. This one was pretty fancy, made out of a deck box used for deck supplies. IMG_3332

This is what it looked like on the inside with all of the litter boxes. IMG_3331

There are two entrances so that the cats don’t feel trapped inside. They use them regularly, and Willow said the neighbor’s complaints stopped as soon as she installed them. The Arm & Hammer Baking Soda helps with any smells.


She donated three large used Rubbermaid bin shelters. I cleaned them out along with the other ones that I had and distributed most of them to the Kitchen Colony and Chicago TNR for her south side colonies. IMG_3499 IMG_3603

Willow started caring for her cat colony as soon as she moved in a few years ago. The primary colony caregiver already TNR’d the cats. Over the years, the colony got smaller, and she doesn’t need as many outdoor cat houses anymore.


We were excited to see a few of those cats hanging out in her yard and alley. They stayed away from us at a safe distance. IMG_3334 IMG_3335

A few weeks later Willow gave me some buttons and magnets she made with the Cats In My Yard logo. She runs this business from her home, and said she loves our logo. 100715CatsInMyYard-3

I’m always so touched by people’s generosity and am glad that people are reading and responding to what we’re doing. It means a lot. Especially from people who are doing so much to help the animals as well. Thank you, Willow!




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