Introducing the Amadeus Colony

Maryann cared for the outdoor cats in her neighborhood for years. She brought in cats that needed help, vetted them, and adopted them out.


She has a photo album of her cat rescues.


She told me stories of the cat that showed up with a wire wrapped tight around his leg. Thankfully, only two toes had to be amputated. Another cat showed up with the muscle and bone exposed on his entire leg and side. She rushed him to the emergency vet, who said he must have been hit by a car. He had to be humanely euthanized.


And as usual, she ended up keeping some of the cats herself. They are gorgeous and healthy.

IMG_0337 IMG_0335

Check out Puppy Cat. He is a ham. IMG_0394

She started TNR about a year ago. Since then she has TNR’d about a half dozen cats. Her yard is a haven with outdoor cat shelters and feeding stations.

IMG_0331 I met Maryann last December at the clinic and we started talking. All of a sudden she said, “Are you Cats In My Yard?” It was very cool to meet someone like that. She was there with some cats from her yard in traps. A few weeks ago she called me somewhat overwhelmed, saying there were six more cats to be trapped, and she feared one was pregnant. I promised to help her.


We set traps in her yard and the cats were all over them. IMG_0395 IMG_0401 IMG_0570

Hmm, into which trap shall I go? IMG_0582

We tried for a few nights and got two new cats.


Meet Pita and Jeune.

I’m guessing there are other food sources in her neighborhood, but we will keep trying. Maryann said there are at least two more cats that need to be fixed.


Thank you for your compassion and for caring for these cats, Maryann! We will make sure all of these cats are spayed/neutered.

Maryann Collins says:

Thanks so much for the help. All the newly trapped and neutered guys seem to be doing very well. I think everyone is enjoying life without snow. TJ the elusive is back after a week or so of catting around. He is so friendly with me at this point that I think I might be able to just push him into a larger carrier.

Vanessa says:

My pleasure, Maryann! So glad to hear this update!

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