Kitten Costs

The kittens from the KFC Colony are adorable and doing well.


Whenever you are starting to TNR a new colony, usually kittens are involved. Vetting costs are almost always necessary and expensive when you are dealing with kittens.


When we first trapped and brought them inside, Tigger, the alpha male orange kitten’s eye looked like a problem. Joann brought him to her vet at Animal Medical Center. At the time we called him Mr. Orange because we were just trying to figure out which kitten was which, and their color was the easiest to distinguish them with. His eye was completely healed with the medication. The total cost was $116.78. Joann has insisted on paying all year out of pocket for any costs for the cats we are trying to help. Thank you, Joann! IMG_3461

Robin T. has been fostering these kittens ever since. This week, one of the tabby female kittens, Tabitha, started sneezing and then coughing. Today she had nasal discharge. Robin took Tabitha to her vet, who determined she most likely had a cold, and put her on oral antibiotics. Total cost was an additional $71, covered by your donations. Since the other kittens were already exposed, and still are not sick, we’re hoping that they are immune and will not also get sick.


Here’s Tabitha and her siblings listening to Robin’s daughter reading them a bed time story. This is one of the most precious photos I have ever seen. 12096405_10206753458329144_4432203286917100953_n In the meantime, PAWS Chicago has agreed to cover their vaccination and surgery costs, and will admit them into their program next week if they are all healthy and fully socialized. Doing TNR like this would not be possible without the help of fosters like Robin and people like Joann and local no-kill shelters like PAWS and donations from people like you. Thank you all!



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