KFC Colony

2015 Trap Neuter Return Case Study

Since 2007 I TNR’d 183 cats from 20 colony sites within one square mile around me. Today there are only 51 cats from that total left outside. That is a 72% reduction rate in nine years. I am very happy with these numbers and track them carefully. I visit these colony sites and their feeders all the time… Read more »

Three Kittens Available for Adoption at PAWS

Three kittens from the junkyard, Tabitha, Tater and Tilly, are already available for adoption at PAWS Chicago. Just before we admitted them to PAWS last week, a woman named Shannon saw our Facebook posts and came to meet the kittens. She fell in love with Tigger and Tori. Since they’re not listed on PAWS’ site, we’re hoping… Read more »

Seven Kittens Admitted into PAWS Chicago’s Adoption Program

The five KFC Colony kittens that we rescued in October were finally admitted into PAWS Chicago last Thursday.   They’ve come a long way since we first saw them in their junkyard home. Check out how big they’ve gotten since! This was from their last ride to PAWS after a few vet visits. While they… Read more »

Brother from Another Mother

Otherwise known as “Poses with Pink Noses.”   Frostie wants to help find homes for all of our foster kittens!   Here he is helping us network Tigger. Or maybe he wants to adopt a little brother for himself?

The Five KFC Colony Kittens are Sick Again

The KFC Colony Kittens became sick again after moving foster homes. Their next admission appointment to PAWS Chicago is this Thursday.   In the meantime, they became sick with what was diagnosed as coccidia and upper respiratory infections –  URI. Their latest vet bill was $608.98. That’s in addition to their other bills of $187.78… Read more »

Looking for Fosters for the KFC Colony Kittens

The five kittens from the KFC Colony were scheduled to be admitted into PAWS Chicago today.   Unfortunately that didn’t happen because PAWS was concerned about a bald spot on Tater, the black kitten’s nose. They were concerned it was possibly from ringworm. Fingers crossed it isn’t actually ringworm. We think he rubbed it on… Read more »

TNA: Trap, Neuter, Adopt for the KFC Colony

When we first started TNR for the KFC Colony in their junkyard home, we didn’t know what to expect. Little did we expect that almost ALL of the cats were going to end up in indoor homes because almost all of the adult cats were friendly, and the kittens were young enough to be socialized.   It… Read more »

Kitten Costs

The kittens from the KFC Colony are adorable and doing well.   Whenever you are starting to TNR a new colony, usually kittens are involved. Vetting costs are almost always necessary and expensive when you are dealing with kittens.   When we first trapped and brought them inside, Tigger, the alpha male orange kitten’s eye… Read more »