Kitten with a Broken Leg

When we first met Patrice at her colony site, she already had a litter of three kittens in foster care.


She pointed out their mother, Sally, to us. We were able to TNReturn Sally later that week.


Patrice had taken Sally’s kittens to her vet, Family Pet Animal Hospital. Vetting and boarding cost $420.


Samantha and Smokey went into one foster home together. Last week Patrice told me their foster home turned into a foster failure! They are now in their forever home. IMG_0643 FullSizeRender-3

The third kitten, Crunchy, was more complicated. The vet discovered he had a broken rear leg. It was an old break, but he said that it could be repaired with surgery. We have no idea how his leg was broken in the first place.


Crunchy’s surgery was successful, and Patrice’s amazing vet ended up doing it for nominal cost. Not only that, one of the vet techs decided to adopt Crunchy into her home. FullSizeRender-3 copy

Hugs and thanks to Patrice and Family Pet for caring for this colony!

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