TNR’d Tabby Cats from the Kitchen Colony

There’s a few TNR’d tabby and tortie cats across the alley from the Kitchen Colony‘s feeding station.


They all strut around and show off their ear tips. Patrice TNR’d them years ago for their feeder, Ed. IMG_3418

Some of them are friendly, and let me pet them. Of course they’re beautiful. All cats are beautiful. Look at this Van Gogh portrait of felines and sunflowers. I am stunned by the beauty of this. IMG_3534

These cats all hang out in Ed’s yard. He put out cat trees for them amongst the sunflowers. IMG_3536

He will not put out cat shelters or get vet care for them. Patrice has done the TNR herself, provides food and shelter, and I donated extra cat shelters to her this year.


Ed also feeds the birds in his yard. The birds swarm their feeding station. The cats could care less.


Here they are ignoring the bird feeder, while birds are there, and instead coming towards me for treats and pets.  IMG_3548 IMG_3550

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