Kittens Growing Up in Their New Home

Smokey and Samantha are kittens from the Kitchen Colony that Patrice trapped before we met and started helping her.


She found a foster home for them, and is now happy to report they are foster failures! The fosterer decided to adopt them together. IMG_3872

In the meantime their brother, Crunchy, required surgery for his broken leg. He was then adopted by his vet tech.


Patrice fully vetted these cats. Even with discounts and the vet donating most of the costs of the leg surgery, her bills for these three kittens totaled $1186.03.


Here’s one of the vet bills showing the costs. Anyone doing rescue for animals off the street on their own like we do ends up having similar costs with full service vets. Patrice has been going to her vet for twenty years and so they have a mutual respect and trust between each other and for the animals. That is also very important – it reduces unnecessary stress while doing rescue trying to bounce from vet to vet while looking for supposedly the “best prices.”


And like every case, we did reach out to shelters, especially for help with Crunchy, the kitten with the broken leg. We did not get a response, and Patrice moved forward with the vetting as needed. Kittens especially require multiple vet visits as they are taken directly off of the street.


If you’d like to make a donation through Paypal for help with their care, please donated through [email protected]


We are so happy these cats are safe, healthy and off the streets!

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