Update on the Rockstar Colony

The Rockstar Colony lost their home two years ago. It was torn down and the feeders moved away. This is pretty common – the KFC Colony last month lost their home as we started TNR. You just have to find help for the cats from somewhere else, a lot of times close by.


A neighbor, Christina, down the street from the Rockstar Colony kept feeding the cats, and they naturally moved to her feeding station. I vetted and admitted a friendly cat from there named Babalu into a no-kill shelter for adoption. Some of the other cats disappeared. That is also pretty common with colony cats.


Pepe le Pew was adopted by Christina and became her permanent indoor/outdoor cat. Today I saw him chilling on her front steps. IMG_3859

Christina said he is doing well, and that she actually had to put him on a diet because he’s gained too much weight.


Pepe loves hanging out with his friend Kojak. I’m always floored when I see cats and dogs getting along, especially former alley cats. IMG_3862

Christina also said some of the feeders from the old house actually just moved down the street, and she thinks they may have some new cats they let outside. I’ll have to keep an eye on them and make sure they are spayed/neutered. Most likely we’ll set up traps in Christina’s yard since they visit her feeding station.

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