Looking for Fosters for the KFC Colony Kittens

The five kittens from the KFC Colony were scheduled to be admitted into PAWS Chicago today.


Unfortunately that didn’t happen because PAWS was concerned about a bald spot on Tater, the black kitten’s nose. 12115665_10206820451203924_7031942464151994068_n They were concerned it was possibly from ringworm. Fingers crossed it isn’t actually ringworm. We think he rubbed it on the crate and created a bald spot. He was the one kitten who got out of his crate in my garage – go figure, he is the runt of the litter and still a troublemaker!


Their Wood’s lamp test for ringworm was negative, but the kittens were sent home to be fostered for an additional two weeks until their next appointment on Thursday, 11/5. In the meantime they had a culture test for ringworm. The results usually take about ten days.


Their previous amazing feline foster/socializer Robin T. could not take back these kittens for now because she now has out of town guests in her house.


Because of Robin, they are now totally socialized and oh-so-cute-and-ready-for-adoption! 12112157_10206820449883891_6020249842820366582_n

They are totally used to being in an indoor home, and even behave themselves during dinner. Except for Tigger, who thinks every plate is his. 12118903_10206820448763863_1315421792113306657_n

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in these kittens. Thank you for all of your help!


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