Partnering with the 1st Ward

We are proud to have an ally and partner with Alderman Joe Moreno and the 1st Ward! We look forward to working together in raising awareness to help Chicago’s outdoor cat population.

Proco Joe Moreno Have you noticed cats running around in your backyard or alley? They’re all over the city lurking in the darkness, and reproducing at startling rates. There are resources available to concerned residents who want to curb their populations, and the Cats In My Yard group has taken impressive strides toward getting these cats caught, neutered, and returned. Trapping, Neutering, and Returning (TNR), has been proven to be a successful method of cutting the feral cat population by more than half. Here are some numbers from 2014, most of the data is in the 1st Ward.

The organization has done a lot of excellent work, but it certainly comes at a cost. If you’d like to donate to keep them going, you can donate through Paypal at [email protected] or click the link here. Our office is very excited to be partnering with this organization to get them the tools they need to reduce the feral cat population. We will also be educating our neighbors on how they can create cat traps of their own. For more information, or if you’d like to volunteer you can email Vanessa at [email protected]!

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