TNR Outreach at the 606 Block Party

It takes a village to make TNR work. Cats In My Yard demonstrated how to TNR cats and distributed information on how to help outdoor stray animals at the 606 Block Party in Humboldt Park.


We set up in the 1st Ward Alderman’s booth. Alderman Moreno is a supporter of TNR and reaching out to the community. Thank you to the entire 1st Ward staff! A lot of people came to this event. IMG_1958


People were interested in learning about TNR, and Jim gave tutorials throughout the day. Alderman Moreno and his staff listened in. Maybe we can TNR together some day.


We talked about how to make Chicago a No Kill City, and how TNR plays an important role.
IMG_1963 Lots of people came by to learn more about trapping. What was apparent throughout the day was that every person could trap cats themselves. They just needed to know how to get traps and how the process works in Chicago.  IMG_7427

I mean seriously, children figured out the traps immediately. My niece Lydia wanted to show people how also. IMG_7421


It was pretty cool to see what drew people to our booth. We brought stuffed animal cats, including a Lil Bub cat, which were big hits with the children. They all wanted to pet them, including my nephew.  IMG_7423

Joann also came with us to talk about TNR. Her cat bag was a huge hit. IMG_7440

Older children really wanted to learn. They would “trap” the stuffed cats over and over again while their parents watched. We are hoping it inspired some people to help the cats in their neighborhood. IMG_7443

At the end of the day, we walked back home on the trail with the traps. I wonder if this is the first time that traps have been up there? IMG_7446

Thanks to all who came by to show their support!

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