Seven Kittens Admitted into PAWS Chicago’s Adoption Program

The five KFC Colony kittens that we rescued in October were finally admitted into PAWS Chicago last Thursday.


They’ve come a long way since we first saw them in their junkyard home. backyardcats

Check out how big they’ve gotten since! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was from their last ride to PAWS after a few vet visits. While they were being fostered their vet bills totaled $796.76


Thanks to Robin T. and Joann S. for fostering them this whole time! In addition, we were excited to find Shannon C. who is interested in adopting two of the kittens. Fingers crossed Shannon will be able to adopt the kittens through PAWS.


That same day, the other two kittens at Gertrude’s house were also admitted into PAWS. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Check out their last ride to the shelter. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All of the kittens were spayed and neutered yesterday and will be available for adoption there shortly.


It was a great day overall!

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