Sick and Injured Avondale Cat Now Vetted and in Foster Home

Reese is one of the 17 cats and kittens trapped so far and from the Avondale TNR Project. Six kittens are in foster care, and most of the adults were TNR’d. There are many more cats outside there.


Reese was pretty relaxed outside. IMG_7311

When Reese came back from the clinic he slept in the trap the entire time. It was weird – we were concerned, but as soon as we woke him up, he would scarf down food. And then go back to sleep again. IMG_7301 Not only is that a friendly behavior, but it seemed excessive. Kim agreed to keep an eye on him for a few extra days in the trap.


If he wasn’t sleeping, he was just relaxing. IMG_7310 IMG_7333

Then Kim saw this on his back.


I brought Reese to a full service vet with another cat from my area I trapped that also needed medical care.


They determined that it was a skin plaque. Since it was intact and we weren’t sure yet if he was going back outside, it wasn’t a cause for concern.


But they found a bite wound on his left front leg, and he also had an URI, upper respiratory infection. He was treated with antibiotics. He also tested FIV+.


Reese is currently being fostered inside by Kim. Please let us know if you’d like to meet him! IMG_0564 IMG_7878

His medical bill is $268 so far. If you’d like to help, please donate through Paypal at [email protected]


Thanks for your support!



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