The TNR of the Armando Colony Cats

The Armando Colony population is now almost stabilized and the numbers are reduced by almost half because of TNR. We did this in four days.


Seven kittens were pulled. One adult cat died during surgery. And eight other adult cats were Trapped, Neutered and Returned. I’d like to now talk about those eight cats.


The numbers could’ve been even better but we do not have homes for these adult TNR’d cats, all of which are friendly. They were returned to the feeder after their surgery, who continues to feed them daily, and lets them in and out of his basement. They are all small cats, but fairly healthy for the most part. The feeder named all of them, and knew the sex of each one. That is pretty rare in these cases.


If anyone is interested in adopting any of these cats, please contact me.


A lot of litters were prevented. Of the eight TNReturned cats here, there are five females and three males. In fact, one of them was pregnant.


This is their yard. The cat pictured is still not TNR’d because the feeder held out on us for at least two cats. We are going to have to go back again. IMG_9336

Last Monday night, Heather, Melissa and I showed up with a bunch of traps. Once the feeder came out to meet us, we were able to trap the cats in about an hour.


The cats spent the next few days going into the clinic for their spay/neuter surgeries, and I recovered them in my garage. IMG_9217 Suby was the most urgent case because we knew she was pregnant. Here she is in the trap before and after her surgery, showing off her new ear tip.

Garfield is a very handsome male that needed his rear shaved a bit because he was suffering from diarrhea. He posed beautifully.

Maggie also had diarrhea. She did not post beautifully. She squirmed all over the place before and after her surgery.

Here is Marlo, another female.

Skunk, female.

Oso, male.

Mala, strangely enough, was already spayed. But now she’s also ear tipped and up to date on all of her shots.

And here’s Morris, who would only pose for his “before” photo. But he is definitely neutered and ear tipped now. IMG_9228

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