TNR Supplies

Jim cleaned and organized my TNR supplies in the garage last week while I was out of town on a work trip. I am a lucky, lucky woman to have him in my life.


First, he bought these shelves from Home Depot and set them all up.


The shelves fit most of the supplies needed for TNR, including:

Tru-catch brand standard-sized traps, fat cat traps, and recovery traps

– various-sized pet carriers

– dog crates

– plywood pieces to elevate the traps off of the cement floor

– extra straw for winter housing insulation

Garage TNR supplies


And another set of shelves for:

– garbage bags and plastic sheets for easy clean up

– trap covers, sheets and blankets

trap dividers/forks

– newspapers to line the traps

– soft plastic lids and bowls to feed the cats with in the traps

– zip ties to close the traps

heated water bowls

heated food bowls

warming pads

– plastic and aluminum pan litter boxes

More garage TNR supplies
straw bales

Hey Hay!

There’s more that needs to be cleaned out, including an awesome winter cat house that my friend Dorota donated, and these huge bales of straw donated by my friends Anna, Ellen and Alex. I’ll write more about these supplies later when I’m in town to distribute them.While Jim was cleaning out the garage, he even took the time to take some photos of the cats. Here’s Funny Face sharpening his claws on the sunflowers.  Funny Face sunflower scratching post

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