When an Outdoor Cat Colony Loses Their Home

So, the Rockstar Colony has lost their home.  Literally. The owners sold off their three buildings and they’ve all been torn down. There’s just a huge hole in the ground for now.

Last year I finished TNR’ing all seven cats for them. Since then, other neighbors told me two cats have died.

I hope they took Fluffy, their indoor pet cat, with them.

Pepe Le Pew is a super friendly cat from that colony that they would let in and out of their homes but did not want me to adopt him out last year. That is strange, because it appears they left him behind. 

Pepe is gorgeous – check out this video I made of him last year.

He came out to show off in front of a sweet ride. He is a true rockstar!

Pepe poses

I met another neighbor there a few doors down who is now feeding the Rockstar Colony. She also lets Pepe in and out of her home so he’s in good hands. However, she is willing to adopt him out if anyone is interested in providing him a forever home where he won’t be left behind again.

This is the same woman who was also feeding Babalu, the cat that I brought inside earlier this year. Babalu is currently in Tree House Humane Society’s FIV+ room and is available for adoption.

Mama Cass Cat also came and peeked out at me from the same hosta plant that Babalu used to hang out in. Mama Cat I have no idea what happened to the outdoor cat shelters I made for this colony last year so I dropped a new one off to their new feeder. Pepe came to investigate immediately. Pepe and his new shelter

Their new feeder said she was going to make more shelters for them as well.

I’m glad that I don’t have to look into relocation for this colony. Relocation is very difficult and I don’t have the time or resources to attempt it. These cats know the area very well and deserve to continue living here. There are cats living everywhere in this city – it doesn’t make sense to move them from one place to another unless their lives are truly at stake. Relocation should only be done as a last resort.

I’ve had other colonies lose their homes and/or feeders. In those cases other neighbors also stepped up to feed and continue to care for them. People understand that the cats are here through no fault of their own, and appreciate the fact that TNR allows them to live out their lives as they know how, while humanely decreasing the outdoor cat population over all.

Rock on, Rockstar Colony!


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