V Colony

Update on Vito

Remember we were all worried about Vito the other day? It turns out he has made a full recovery because the mass on his jaw was actually an infection. Antibiotics took care of it. Catnip makes him smile. Vito is a former feral colony cat that was trapped-neutered-returned TNR’ed to the V Colony. Then he… Read more »

Get Well, Vito!

Vito is a former outdoor colony cat from the V Colony. When my friend from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition was trapping there in 2011, she noticed how friendly Vito was right away. She TNReturn’ed him at first, but then he kept jumping into her car when she would come back to try and trap… Read more »

Cat Math

18 cats were trapped in 3 days from the V Colony last week, all from 1 alley 2 blocks from my house. 12 cats were already TNR’ed and eartipped, so 10 were returned back outside, minus 2 that were friendly and admitted to Tree House. Which means the other 6 cats were TNR’ed. 2 of… Read more »

Catty Wagon

Pack ’em up, pack ’em in. Here’s three cats in the Mini being taken to the clinic for their feral cat spa packages. Nine cats left in the Catty Shack. We’re going to try trapping again tonight and then wrap this project up just in time for the weekend.

My Garage = Catty Shack

Since last night at the V Colony we trapped 16 cats. Six of those cats are getting their Feral Cat Complete Care Package at the Tree House Clinic. The other ten felines are already eartipped. One of those cats was still taken to the clinic because he is very friendly and they want to take… Read more »

V Colony Sighting

Last year my friend and Master Trapper Meg from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition TNR’ed a colony of cats just one alley over from my house and named the cats all “V” names after me: Vincennes, Varg, Voltaire, Vanna, Veum, Valiant, Vagabond, Vassily, and Velcro. I admire her creativity and commitment, and she moved on… Read more »