My Garage = Catty Shack

No more room for my Mini.

Since last night at the V Colony we trapped 16 cats. Six of those cats are getting their Feral Cat Complete Care Package at the Tree House Clinic. The other ten felines are already eartipped. One of those cats was still taken to the clinic because he is very friendly and they want to take a closer look at him. The rest are chilling in my converted catty shack garage. It’s easier to just leave them in the traps because it keeps them out of the way while you’re trying to get the “new” cats.

Erica says:

This is incredible. I’m impressed. Your efforts are making me look totally small-time! UGH!

Vanessa says:

Thanks! Keep in mind all of these cats are from the SAME yard so once you start, it’s best to keep the momentum going. Don’t knock yourself, Erica, you are doing A LOT for the cats.

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