V Colony Sighting

Last year my friend and Master Trapper Meg from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition TNR’ed a colony of cats just one alley over from my house and named the cats all “V” names after me: Vincennes, Varg, Voltaire, Vanna, Veum, Valiant, Vagabond, Vassily, and Velcro. I admire her creativity and commitment, and she moved on to other names, because asides from those nine cats, she trapped ELEVEN more from that alley.

Two weeks ago I discovered who was feeding and helping these cats. Kari, the TNR Trap-Neuter-Return Coordinator from Tree House Humane Society, and I got to see these cats in their yard.


About half of these cats are eartipped. They are obviously well cared for, have shelter under the porch, and are very comfortable cats in their yard. Kari and I are going there tonight to trap the ones that still need their Feral Cat Complete Care Package of vaccinations, parasite treatment, cleaning, and spay/neuter surgery. It’ll probably take a few tries, but I want to make sure that ALL of the cats will be eartipped in the next group photo.

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