My Garage = Catty Shack

Since last night at the V Colony we trapped 16 cats. Six of those cats are getting their Feral Cat Complete Care Package at the Tree House Clinic. The other ten felines are already eartipped. One of those cats was still taken to the clinic because he is very friendly and they want to take… Read more »

V Colony Sighting

Last year my friend and Master Trapper Meg from the Chicagoland Stray Cat Coalition TNR’ed a colony of cats just one alley over from my house and named the cats all “V” names after me: Vincennes, Varg, Voltaire, Vanna, Veum, Valiant, Vagabond, Vassily, and Velcro. I admire her creativity and commitment, and she moved on… Read more »

More Friendly Than Feral

Back in January I got a call from Kari, the TNR Coordinator from Tree House Humane Society, because a woman called her about some friendly cats that she was seeing and occasionally feeding in my neighborhood. It turns out that this woman lives just a few doors down from a house where I TNR’ed about… Read more »

Ferals Ferals Ferals

I have awesome friends that indulge me with all things related to felines. Check out the Photoshop skills of my friend, Chris. Look, the Crew Cats even have eartips! All the cool cats have them. Actually, now all seven cats of the Rockstar Colony have them: Mr. Friendly, Mama Cat, Fluffy, Cheezburger Cat, Pepe, and… Read more »

Hail Caesar

This is Caesar. He’s from a colony of outdoor feral cats that a woman has been feeding in Humboldt Park for a decade. She used to live there, and then moved out of the neighborhood, but travels back a few times a week to feed. She calls shelters periodically to take the kittens and friendly… Read more »

Meet Joe Black Cat

Joe lives across the street from my sister in Florida. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat like many other pets here. Every once in awhile Joe’s owner leaves the state for weeks at a time and rents out her house. She leaves Joe behind outside and he sticks around because my sister and her neighbors give Joe… Read more »

Feline Family

I’m going to Florida for a few days to visit some cats! I mean, I’m going to Florida to visit my pregnant baby sister and her husband and help throw a baby shower! Her cats Sylvester and Miss Moby have lived with them in Chicago, Vegas, Austin and now Fort Lauderdale. They seem to like… Read more »

The Saga of Paski, PavPav and Aga

Monorail cats! They look like peacocks. I’ve been trying to gain permission to access this locked yard for two years now, to no avail. I got busy TNR’ing and fostering over two dozen other cats in three locations within two blocks from here, but these cats do not leave their yard. I was never able… Read more »

Winter Care for Cats in MY Yard

We’ve had a mild winter, but last night the temperatures dropped along with a bit of snow. For the past year there are three cats in my yard that have formed a feral cat colony, which I call the James’ Gang Colony. Feral cats grow winter coats to help them withstand cold temperatures, and then… Read more »

Community Outreach for Community Cats

Community Appeal Letters are a great way to promote your cause in your neighborhood, and it’s even better if you can spread your message in your neighbor’s preferred language. I’ve been passing out about 50 flyers every time I go jogging now to help promote free spay/neuter surgeries from Tree House’s clinic, as funded by a PetSmart… Read more »