Lunar the Snow Kitten Has Been Adopted!

My friend Jonah saw the photos of Lunar, the kitten we rescued from the snow two weeks ago, and wanted to meet him. Lunar is a bit nervous with new people, but he definitely belongs indoors. My friend Kholood has been caring for and fostering him. We went over to Kholood’s house, and Lunar warmed… Read more »

Lunar the Frostbitten Kitten is Available for Adoption

Lunar, the cat we rescued from the snow last week, is now fully recovered and available for adoption. He’s neutered, vaccinated, FIV-/FeLV-, and being fostered by my friend Kholood, who was caring for him outside for the past month.  Lunar loves to explore the indoors, is a bit shy, but pets and treats win him over. He… Read more »

Update on the TNR’d Colony Cat Trapped by Animal Control

Mama Skipper is a colony cat that was TNR’d by Heather a few years ago. She was trapped by a Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) Officer last week.   Since Skipper was microchipped to Heather, we were able to pick her up from CACC.   The situation is confusing, and it usually is, because really,… Read more »

Trapping a Frostbitten Snow Cat

My friend Kholood told me about a cat her family has been feeding for the past few weeks. They provided him food, water, shelter, and a heater in their garage.   Early this morning I went over there with a trap. I didn’t see him at first, because he blended right in. He’s a true… Read more »

TNR With a Microchip Saves Lives Twice

Last night we picked up a colony cat from Chicago Animal Care and Control. She is a TNR’d colony cat microchipped to my friend Heather W, who has done a lot of TNR south of my area.   Heather got the call from Tree House on January 6th that her colony cat, Mama Skipper, was… Read more »

Christmas Mewsic

The purrfect playlist for your holiday gathering is brought to you by my wonderfully talented friends, Scratch Trax.   Seriously, click on this link and listen.        

Meowy Catmas!

Hark! The herald angels sing! I could hear him through the window.   Stay inside, cat.

Investing in Your Own Tru Catch Traps

If you can swing it, I highly recommend buying your own humane Tru Catch traps for TNR projects. You can try to fundraise specifically for them, and they are also on sale at certain times of the year.   It’s almost impossible to rent out a bunch of traps quickly in Chicago, and when you’re starting… Read more »