Helping Neighbors Through EveryBlock

Gertrude is 85 years old, has Parkinson’s Disease, and cares for the cats outside at her home in Portage Park.   Her neighbors help watch and care for her, and posted on about two months ago looking for additional help with the cats. There were kittens born outside. I have found a lot of… Read more »

Looking for Fosters for the KFC Colony Kittens

The five kittens from the KFC Colony were scheduled to be admitted into PAWS Chicago today.   Unfortunately that didn’t happen because PAWS was concerned about a bald spot on Tater, the black kitten’s nose. They were concerned it was possibly from ringworm. Fingers crossed it isn’t actually ringworm. We think he rubbed it on… Read more »

Happy National Feral Cat Day 2015!

Every year we celebrate National Feral Cat Day by cleaning out the outdoor cat houses.   As always, Mooha inspects everything. The garage turns into a Feral Cat Shelter and Feeding Station Factory assembly line. If you need outdoor cat shelters or feeding stations, hit me up at [email protected] First come, first serve. Hope everyone… Read more »

Kitten Costs

The kittens from the KFC Colony are adorable and doing well.   Whenever you are starting to TNR a new colony, usually kittens are involved. Vetting costs are almost always necessary and expensive when you are dealing with kittens.   When we first trapped and brought them inside, Tigger, the alpha male orange kitten’s eye… Read more »

Mooha Conquers All Cat Houses

Thank you to Lisa M for her generous donation of an outdoor cat house and supplies!   Lisa shipped a Feral Cat Barn from Feline Furniture, along with half a dozen purr pads, a bottle of calming Feral Flower Formula, and the cutest cat card. Everyone’s generosity and donations help us keep helping more cats…. Read more »

Feral Cat Saves Woman from Squirrel Attack!

*Disclaimer: Of course no animals or humans were harmed in this series of photos.    I walked out my front door and saw Funny Face, one of my TNR’d colony cats, in the front yard. I hardly noticed the red-tailed menace in the tree. But obviously Funny Face noticed. He hunkered down. And the chase… Read more »

43 Cats and Counting

We’re still not totally sure how many cats and kittens are within the Creole Colony and Danny’s house. Currently Heather and I have counted up to 43 felines that we know about.   But we’ve made a lot of progress the last two weeks. Six more adult cats were spayed/neutered, and ten additional kittens were pulled… Read more »

Partnering with the 1st Ward

We are proud to have an ally and partner with Alderman Joe Moreno and the 1st Ward! We look forward to working together in raising awareness to help Chicago’s outdoor cat population. Have you noticed cats running around in your backyard or alley? They’re all over the city lurking in the darkness, and reproducing at startling… Read more »