Englewood Outdoor Cats: Now Available for Adoption

Alicia is caring for a lot of outdoor cats in Englewood. Her home is now their home. The majority of the cats are friendly. This is not a colony, this is a place where people who cannot care for their cats, bring the cats and leave them there, or the cats are lucky enough to… Read more »

RIP Zombie Cat

Zombie Cat from the V Colony got her name from her feeders because according to them, she was always sick.   She definitely had chronic upper respiratory infections, but two years ago there were also other things wrong with her. She had sores behind her ears, and her fur looked like it was coming out,… Read more »

We’ve Trapped Seven Cats and Counting This Week

This week’s weather has been perfect for trapping.   So we decided to trap at two sites where TNR has been done already, but there were new cats coming around. It’s been pretty successful so far – seven cats were trapped and brought into the clinic for their TNR spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. I’ll be… Read more »

Update on Lunar the Snow Cat

Remember Lunar, the frostbitten kitten we saved from the snow in December? He was adopted almost immediately by my friend Jonah, and has been doing very well ever since.   Jonah renamed him Wigwam, and he has full reign of his place. Wigwam is constantly by his side, and Jonah shares posts about him on… Read more »

Building the TNR Team

Nothing gets me more inspired about animal rescue than talking to other people and hearing their stories.   The other day I met Joann and Terri for the first time in person over lunch. Joann lives near me, somehow found this site and has been offering to help with TNR. She’s done TNR in other neighborhoods, and other… Read more »

Woodrow Whiskers and Berto Were Adopted!

Remember Woodrow Whiskers from the La Vida Lydia Colony? He showed up sick in December. After I fully vetted him he was admitted into Tree House. He was adopted last week. When I called to tell Lydia, his feeder, the good news, she already knew because she tried to visit him! Right now she is also… Read more »

Cat Camouflage

You can hardly see Funny Face in my yard when it snows out. 

The Costs of Cat Colony Caregiving

There is a lot of invested time, effort and money needed to help the feral cat colonies. But I wanted to share the numbers here to show what can be done, that it’s not impossible, and to thank all of you again so much for your support. Also, I know there are people out there who… Read more »