The Five KFC Colony Kittens are Sick Again

The KFC Colony Kittens became sick again after moving foster homes. Their next admission appointment to PAWS Chicago is this Thursday.


In the meantime, they became sick with what was diagnosed as coccidia and upper respiratory infections –  URI. Their latest vet bill was $608.98. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

That’s in addition to their other bills of $187.78


As of now they seem to be all right. They love tearing apart Joann’s laundry room, pretty much tearing off every piece of clothing off of the hangers. SelfTimer Off

And they’re obsessed with this watering can. They knock it over and take turns going inside. SelfTimer Off

If you would like to donate to any of their vetting costs, please donate through at [email protected]


October’s vet bills have been beyond $3000 for the cats and kittens of the KFC and Kitchen Colonies, so any help is appreciated for us to continue with TNR.


Thanks for all of your support!

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