How to Trap Specific Cats from a TNR’d Colony

Some cats will go in traps over and over again. When you need to trap specific cats from your colony for TNR or for ongoing medical care, it’s easier to have a trap set for every cat you may have.


When you trap your TNR’d cats that don’t need to be taken to the clinic, you can set them safely to the side with their own bowl of food in a safe place and keep on trapping for the ones you want. This process works.  It also works just to help trap a colony needing TNR at once. Very few colony caregivers just care for a cat or two in the city – most colonies are bigger than that and it’s easier to trap them together at the same time. I bought a bunch of traps for that very reason years ago, and am happy to lend them out to help people.


Kim V. contacted me through a mutual friend. She has done TNR for almost 20 years, starting in Logan Square off of the Boulevard, taking in cats to a regular vet because low-cost clinics for TNR weren’t available at the time.


She is now in Avondale, caring for about 12+ cats, most of them TNR’d. But there are a few intact cats still outside, and a few sick cats that she wants to take in to a clinic or vet, including this matted orange cat. Now is the perfect time of year to get him groomed. IMG_6949

Her colony is well cared for, with outdoor cat shelters made out of Rubbermaid storage bins, and feeding stations. IMG_6951

She also has heated outdoor cat shelters. This smart cat is always in one. IMG_6950

We are confident Kim will trap the cats she wants for the clinic!


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